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Warning to Home Buyers of Short Sales. - The First Day

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August 10th, 2011

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03:48 pm - Warning to Home Buyers of Short Sales.
If you fall so madly in love with a home in the mountains and it's view that you are struck deaf and dumb. Get someone else to knock some sense into you. And especially if the home is a short sale to the bank and about to go into foreclosure. Because you will need a much more thorough inspection since lots of things might not be disclosed to the real estate company or the bank. Like, the well was going dry in 2007 and they did nothing about it.

Sigh..... I love this house. But I think I should have investigated things more. I guess if needing a new well dug is the worst that can happen we will live through it. We'll be totally broke and living on peanut butter and jelly but we'll have that mountain view. lol.

We moved into our mountain dream home two weeks ago. We went ahead and had workers start what changed needed to be done. Mainly putting up a wall to turn the huge formal dining room back into a bedroom. It seems the former owners had turned the second bedroom into a formal dining room. Well, we have a huge kitchen big enough for any size dining set and hutch you could imagine. Why would we want a formal dining room too? And we need a spare bedroom so our kids can come visit. So, we have had workmen putting up a wall (that used to be there) to close off the living room from the former dining room.
And we have them putting down wooden flooring in master bedroom (the entire house is beautiful wood flooring so why in the world would they want to ruin that with this yucky stained carpeting. ( I had hoped she had wood floors under the carpeting but no such luck.) So, as soon as these renovations get done I am taking a break. We can get the kitchen floor refinished another time. I want this noise and banging to stop. I feel like a prisoner in my own beautiful home.

So, the owner was about to go into foreclosure. She took (maybe sold) the refrigerator, the stove, the washer and dryers, this neat little victorian gas heater on sunroom, an antique makeup table out of the master bath (which was part of the bathroom and now we have a big hole.) Heck I am surprised she did not rip out the garden bath tub. Which I can't fill right now because she forgot to tell us that her well was going dry. Now I was feeling very sympathetic for this previous owner because the story we were told was she went broke paying for her breast cancer treatment. I met her at the closing and she was still undergoing chemo therapy. But he husband was an ENT doctor and she was a nurse practicioner. Shouldn't they have had great medical insurance. I mean, I had expensive cancer treatment and I think all we paid for out of pocket was 5,000 for the radiation part which was not covered. It is insane in this country that even with insurance that can cost 1,000 a month you still have to pay so much money if you need cancer treatment. I think the cost of treating cancer has gone insane over here and is a multi million dollar business. Don't even get me started on that. So.... she knew her well had problems in 2007. She had the well guy out who had installed it 10 years before and he said it was low water. The fix for that. Dig the well deeper. Which she did not do. So, we just bought her problem for 140,000 dollars. Wells, can cost up to 20,000 dollars up here in the mountains. Its not like Florida with the aquifer to tap in to. They even use dowser people up here, can you believe that!!? So, I am exhausted. But I know one thing. I love the mountain view. But I really bought this place because of her husband the doctor and his love of gardening. So, If I can't continue his love by watering his tree's and plants. It is like a paradise of botanical things. Then I might as well dump the place. So we will be paying whatever we have to in order to have all the water we need for this yard and whatever I add to it. Amen. ps, I guess it wouldn't be proper to try and sue a woman fighting breast cancer? Plus she has no money. Supposedly.

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