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Packing Packing Packing - The First Day

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October 14th, 2011

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12:34 pm - Packing Packing Packing
We are temporarily back in our Florida mobile home and packing up everything we want to keep. And having a huge yard/garage sale on Saturday. I had to go through all my collections. The dolls, artwork, stuffed beanie babies. And put up for sale what I just cannot take with
me. Packrats like my husband and I have so much trouble parting with things. But I am determined this will be a true paring down and cleaning out. It is costing us over 2,000 dollars just to move the little bit we have left here as we bought three rooms of new furniture up in North Carolina. So, we must get rid of all non essentials. And we have a lot of that. And our dog Tiny goes running around trying to snag some
beanie babies for his lair. Yes, he has a lair. Like a lion. And woe to those who try and remove items from it. Dachshunds can act very vicious if you try and take something away from them.

Since I last posted. The school which is being built next door to us in Franklin North Carolina has blown our well right out of the ground. Yes, we heard a loud explosion and went outside to see a 100 feet in the air gyser of water going straight up. Also our pump was blown about 200 feet across the property and all the piping ruined. Also the brand new pressure tank is ruined. The county came to our house, the health dept. and all the well drillers. They were drilling 100 geo thermal wells over at the school (which is being built next to our house) and their drill rig
managed to be in the same vein of water our well was in. And I guess what happened is that their drill rigs being for geo thermal are much
stronger than a regular drill. and the pressure just blew our well pump out of the hole. Now we are hooked up to the schools well water
temporarily. They say they will drill us a complete new well when they have moved out of our water area. Friends say we should get a lawyer and sue them. But, you can't really sue the county or school board. You would use up tons of money and it would take years. So, as long as they fix what they broke. We are fine with it. But it does make for stressful living. Also they have had to shock the well water with chlorine which is awful. Due to when they ran lines to our house, bacteria got in the pipes. As long as they fix things. That is all we care about. As I try and update this my husband keeps bringing me things to either pack or put a price on for the garage sale. He is slowly driving me crazy. Gotta go. So much more to pack. I am never moving again. Attaching a photo of me at a high school mini reunion in Franklin N.C. at Fat Buddies Barbeque restaurant.

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Date:November 4th, 2011 10:41 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing the info. I found the details very helpful.

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