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Why do they always put every favorite show on at exactly the same time. - The First Day

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June 15th, 2014

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08:37 pm - Why do they always put every favorite show on at exactly the same time.
I watch Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones, and now Penny Dreadful. Penny Dreadful is
very very erotic, British, horrific, bloody, gruesome, mysterious, and making Hannibal
seem like a nice little television series. Each week I keep saying I will not watch Penny Dreadful again, I will not. And then last week hooked me with Vanessa's back story about how she came to know Sir Malcom Murray's family. I do love this show.

There are people making ridiculous remarks that everyone dies in the last episode
of Game of Thrones. Really people, obviously you have not read any of the books.
But, he does kill off quite a few major characters in his books.

I have blue barn swallows in my bird house. They have very sharp beaks like a hummingbird, and jet like manuvering ability. And they do not cotton to anyone coming
within five feet of their bird house. So.... I thought. (as one came at me like an arrow straight to my face) Perfect timing to get a great close up shot with my canon rebel.
Nope. They immediately changed tactics and just flew circles around me. Shows start in
less than thirty minutes and both dogs must go out so I can watch my shows in peace.

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