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June 25th, 2010

02:54 pm - English Country Dancing
I had never heard of it before. Of course we all had to take the obligatory square dancing in school which I hated!! My high school girlfriend Helen who lives in Tallahassee Florida calls and says, "Meet me in Gainesville, Fl. and try this English Country dancing with me." I said, "What is that?" She said, "Think Jane Austen" with a bit of a two step or swing to it.
So, I agreed to go. Helen has been doing this dancing all over the place. Apparently they do not have any dances in her town so she travels to Atlanta,
and Gainesville. For her that is a three hour drive. For me it was only an hour each way. Of course I got lost. And the roads were all torn up in the historic section of Gainesville which is where this dance hall was. I called Helen on her cell phone (and of course it was right in the worst part of town, at a bus depot) and I said, "Helen, I am going to kill you when I finally see you. Only for you would I go through this." So, Helen then told me where to turn and she walked up to the bus depot and guided me to the dance hall. It seems I had to drive right through the bus depot to get to this blocked sixth avenue and south main. The dancing was very nice. For five dollars I got a lesson beforehand. I did the first three dances alright but then it got very intricate and fancier steps. I decided to sit and watch the others. I was way out of my element. They had a guitarist and flutist. It was very waltz like. And beautiful. But I just could not bring myself to do all the play acting they do during the dance. I felt too self conscious. But it was good fun and I would definitely try it again. Best of all, I got to visit with an old friend from high school and catch up during lunch. Here are a few pictures. Helen is the girl in the long turquoise blue dress.

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June 15th, 2010

02:07 pm - Home Sweet Home
We got home this past Monday. It is soooo good to be back home. You have to go away for a month in order to appreciate your own backyard. Although, it sure is hot here for June. I don't know if this is global warming or what but I am not liking it. As soon as we got home I refilled all the bird feeders and washed the hummingbird feeder and I am happy to say the birds and squirrels are back. Also, my garden did not die, as I had a timer set on it to water. But it did not grow much because I was not here to feed things. Now my tomatoes are growing. When I got home the tomato plants were alive. But now they have flowers and small tomatoes.

I found that I really loved Idaho and Oregon. Montana is gorgeous with mountains but not enough forests or woods for me. Although Glacier International Park in the top of Montana did have conifer woods. But further west in the desert like part of Montana, very little forest. I don't think I could live in Montana. It was so dry, that we had to keep putting moisture cream on. And your lips get so chapped out West. No humidity to keep things moist. I hate humidity but it does have its advantages. I really think the humidity keeps your skin more youthful because my brothers skin has really aged living in Colorado. And look at the beautiful skin they have in England. Because it rains a lot!!! My husband has taken over my Facebook page. He is playing farmville and I cannot even get my laptop away from him anymore. Every since he retired he is looking for things to do. And right now it is too hot outside here to work on outdoor projects. While driving to the post office my car temperature said outside air was 101 F. I could not believe it. We never used to get over 100 degree's until at least July. This is going to be an awful summer. My husband said, "I told you we should have gone on to Tennessee and not come back home yet. Oh well. I needed to regroup and rest from traveling with Mr. Control Freak. LOL. Later
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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May 25th, 2010

10:00 pm - Candy Glacier International Peace Park
Today I saw a piece of heaven at Glacier Park in Montana. This park goes all the way up into Canada. Parts were closed because its only May 25 and they have not cleared the snow from all the roads. But it is still awesome. There is a mountain called Heavens Peak. I wish I could have seen that one. Tomorrow we may go over into the East entrance to the park. Then we will be heading down to Tetons and Yellowstone Park in Montana, and Wyoming.

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12:55 am - On the Road out west
I am so sorry that I have been absent from this journal so much. But between doctor appointments and getting ready for this trip it has been hectic. And I think I have too many online websites. I have blogger, livejournal, flickr and now Facebook. I think I am going to turn over Facebook to my husband. He is on there more than me. He is doing Farmville on there now. He has become obsessed with Farmville.

Tonight we are in Pulsen Montana, almost to Glacier National Park. It is up at the tip of Idaho and Montana and Canada. But we are too early as they have not even cleared the snow from all the roads. But we will drive through anyway to see what we can see. So far the trip has been spectacular. Seeing states we have never seen before.
Idaho was a complete surprise. We were in the top tip of Idaho and it is amazing. Huge rocky mountains, large lakes and rivers. Immense bluffs. I love Idaho with its houses going up the side of mountains.

The weather has been not cooperating. At times it has been rainy and cold. There is snow in Glacier, and Yellowstone. We are not sure how much we will be able to see. I think so far the coast of Oregon has been my very favorite. I will try to keep this updated some. Just some photographs of Oregon and Cali.

Later. And my Aunt Anne who lives in Burbank Ca. and is 88 years old. I had not seen her in ten years.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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April 25th, 2010

03:17 pm - Writer's Block: Another country
Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

Yes, I went to England and met friends Rachel and Curtis Wist. It was wonderful.

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02:57 pm - Birds Birds Birds Birds
They are just awesome lately. Our mulberry tree's have lots of fruit and they have attracted
Catbirds, Cedar Waxwings, Brown Thrashers and now an Indigo Bunting. The catbirds seem to be eating something off of the bottle brush tree. That is a very tropical tree with fuzzy red flowers which have nectar in them. The hummingbirds love it. But I had never seen a catbird
eating the flowers until now. I think it may be the insects that are attracted to the flower which is attracting the catbirds. We will be packing our motorhome in a week, and heading to see our other two sons in Pensacola Florida. After a few days there we will be heading to California,
and then up the coast to Oregon and Washington state. Then across the nation through Montana and
Wyoming. I hope I can enjoy it and forget things for a while. I am going to try. I have gotten behind on these journals. I have blogger and this journal and now Facebook. Plus my husband retired and he needs things to keep himself busy. Today he was helping the roofer who he is paying to roof my mother's back porch. My daughter lives behind us in the house I inherited from my Mother when she passed away. I wanted to say that I have had fifty of my poem printed up. The booklet is not heavy. And if any of you would like one. Just let me know and send your address.
I will mail you one. Who knows. Maybe my poetry can circle the world. I mainly made them up for my family but then people on my Facebook were asking for a copy of my poems. One woman even put one of my poems in print on her desk at work. No greater compliment could there be. If one day I saw my poem labeled in print, anonymous. That would be fine with me.

I went to the beach once this spring so far. It was too cold. Did you know they have a campground on the beach in Malibu California!!! We are going to camp there. Awesome. It's were all the Celeb's live. It's were Two and a Half Men is shot. Let me leave you with some beautiful birdies. Ok, I will have to add the photographs in a bit. Because I am on the big computer desktop and my husband has my laptop where all my canon photographs are. Grrrr.....
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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April 18th, 2010

12:02 am - I am getting so behind on updating
And it's all Facebooks fault. Actually since my husband retired and found my Farmville on Facebook, I can never get on there or have my laptop. He is driving me crazy. I think we are going to have to have a Farmville
intervention. Since the goldfinches have left. Yes, Goldfinch birds show up on my part of florida in about Jan/Feb and leave some time in April. About the same time the ruby throated hummingbirds show up. The bluebird
stops by every so often but they never did build in the bluebird house. I believe the chick a dee was looking in the house today.
For the past few days we have been deluged by flocks of cider waxwings. Lovely birds which remind me a bit
of cardinals with their black masks. They have been eating all the mulberries off my two tree's. Along with the mockingbirds which also love them. I see on the news that European flights are all grounded by this volcanic ash. I think the world has gone pear shaped. An erupting volcano in of all places Iceland. Now I am 63 and never remember this happening before. Anbody. We are getting ready to pack for a long trip out to California and then up the West coast of the United States to include Oregon and Washington state which we have never been to.
And then heading back we will visit Montana and Wyoming. Ok, have a waxwing. Greedy little gus's.

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April 2nd, 2010

01:21 pm - Chickens White Silkies. I want
I just watched Martha Stewart today and fell in love with all the varieties of chickens. I want a farm and chickens now. And goats. Good Friday and day Four of the Passover. All my azalea's are in bloom. My wisteria is blooming. It would be a great weekend to go to the beach but Alachua County is on spring break and the beaches, even my favorite state park will be mobbed. I do not favor crowded beaches. I go for the quiet and the solitude and nature, not for people. The only people I enjoy are the fishermen. They do not bother anyone. Also
I would like a surf fishing rod. I used to fish off the shore. I loved it. My beloved show Fringe came back last night and finally we are getting to the bottom of things. And Breaking Bad is back, two shows already. Kind of losing it's steam as the first season was the most exciting. But I am sure these writers will rejuvenate. And I heard Saving Grace is coming back for one more season. I hope Earl has a much bigger part this time. My husband cleaned out the bottom of our pond and now the two big Koi are having a ball swimming around to their hearts content. But he removed most of my water poppies. My water lilies are just now starting to bloom. The blue birds have still not settled down in a house. I think I will have to move the houses next year. The male keeps going into one house every few days but the female is no where to be seen.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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March 19th, 2010

12:58 pm - Magic

There are some things that never fail to bring the magic. A shooting star spotted accidently. The first hummingbird. A butterfly suddenly landing on you. No matter how many times I have seen a hummingbird. The first sighting brings me to my knee's. Always. It is the same reverence I hold for newborn puppies and babies. The newness, the awe factor just never never goes away. And I feel the same way about the ocean. These are the things that give me hope, over and over again. These are the things I would share with an alien to my planet. Oh, and of course blueberry cobbler. Today I am nostalgic because I succeeded in pissing off a hummingbird and getting a decent photograph of him. It would have been better with less bright sunlight. But still, it was pretty good. No matter how many summers I have been photographing hummingbirds, I never get tired of it. In fact I would say all of nature brings me joy. New wildflowers. If you really want to enjoy the small things in life that we constantly pass by. Just take a long walk in the wild with a two year old. They will show you the way. Peace out people.
Current Mood: gratefulgrateful

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March 18th, 2010

08:52 am - Nice weather for a change
I think maybe winter is over. Oh, sure we have had a few chilly mornings. But keeping the windows open all day long means winter is over. And the azalea's are blooming. It is raining a bit more. But that just signals spring.
Florida had a very mean winter this year. And if you came here expecting our beautiful sunny warm winter. I am truly sorry. It was a fluke. I am sure things will get back to normal this winter. At least I hope so. If not, I am moving to Key West. Where hopefully it never gets down to 20 degree F. Does it? Any Key West people out there reading this. I have only been to Key West maybe about three times in my life. When growing up n Miami Florida it was a much closer hop. They are closing the hospital Jackson Memorial in Miami that I was born in. There are not that many native Miamian's who can remember Miami back in the 1940's and 50's before South Beach and celebrities and LIttle Havana. When I was little the downtown bus line only went so far. I would ride the bus downtown to Burdines with my Grandma because she lived almost in downtown. We would have lunch in the tea room on the top floor.

Spring means lots of birds. I have been taking a lot of photographs of the backyard birds lately. I also did the Great Backyard bird count in Feb as I have done for the last few years. I didn't have any real unusual ones this winter like Buntings or Rosie Grosbeaks. But we did have a flock of Cider Waxwings. Hope everyone is having spring like weather by now. Later peeps.

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