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July 12th, 2016

08:49 pm - Dr. Jill Stein Wants You To Continue The Revolution By Going Gree | Tim ...
Go Green. Listen to Jill Stein who is running for President on a third party ticket.

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December 18th, 2014

10:20 pm - Cancer and the FDA Illness and the FDA
I would like to use all the swear words there are. But I won't. Ever since they told me I was in remission from my stage one cancer and had seven weeks of radiation hell. I have tried to find every natural supplement or treatment that might keep the cancer from coming back. Believe me when I say the American Medical Association only wants to sell you expensive painful treatments. Drugs that while supposedly helping you can give you lymphoma. You get the drift. They are not on our side. Think about it. What if they did cure cancer. What would happen to all those jobs, an entire industry
making millions of dollars off of sick people. Huh? Think people. So, anyway. I heard about this Anatabloc that Freddy Couples was promoting. At first I didn't even consider it. Arthritis, who cares. But then I heard it contained millions of
tomato extracts. Well, funnily after my cancer I started craving tomato in all kinds of foods. Fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, everything tomato. I had no idea what was going on. But I went with it. Because I thought. If my body craves this, maybe I need it. Then I hear that this new supplement Anatabloc is full of tomatoes. I talked to a GNC representative and said, I can't afford this 40 dollar a bottle supplement
what about if I eat more tomato. He said, You'd have to consume hundreds a day to come close to this product. So, I began saving my money. Before I could try it, the FDA takes it off the market. Now lots of people who were benefiting from this are screaming. I am sure the FDA wanted a piece of the pie. It will probably come out as some expensive prescription drug. Wait and see. I am moving to another country. This country sucks.

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June 15th, 2014

08:37 pm - Why do they always put every favorite show on at exactly the same time.
I watch Nurse Jackie, Game of Thrones, and now Penny Dreadful. Penny Dreadful is
very very erotic, British, horrific, bloody, gruesome, mysterious, and making Hannibal
seem like a nice little television series. Each week I keep saying I will not watch Penny Dreadful again, I will not. And then last week hooked me with Vanessa's back story about how she came to know Sir Malcom Murray's family. I do love this show.

There are people making ridiculous remarks that everyone dies in the last episode
of Game of Thrones. Really people, obviously you have not read any of the books.
But, he does kill off quite a few major characters in his books.

I have blue barn swallows in my bird house. They have very sharp beaks like a hummingbird, and jet like manuvering ability. And they do not cotton to anyone coming
within five feet of their bird house. So.... I thought. (as one came at me like an arrow straight to my face) Perfect timing to get a great close up shot with my canon rebel.
Nope. They immediately changed tactics and just flew circles around me. Shows start in
less than thirty minutes and both dogs must go out so I can watch my shows in peace.

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April 18th, 2014

08:20 pm - Hello Old Friends. I'm Baack...
Who loves the show Game of Thrones? I just saw the author George R.R. Martin on NBC doing a live
interview. Gah...... I love it. Then I went to his webpage and guess what. He is on LiveJournal.
Unbelievable. Who knew. He grew up poor in New Jersey. He was a brainy kid and shy and he says he knew a lot of Joffrey's in his neighborhood. That loved to bully kids like him. Did anyone else know that the book series Game of Thrones is not finished. I seriously thought it was an old
series and that it was finished. Last Sunday was the best show ever. Revenge and justice prevailed. But sadly, so many were lost and killed first on Game of Thrones. My favorite character on the show is Ayra Stark.

We were living down in Florida this past winter trying to renovate my Mother's house that I inherited. It was actually quite hot down there even for winter. But then we came back up here to Franklin N.C. to snow. I do miss the ocean quite a bit. I would love to live on the water. But the mountains are beautiful. I grew up in Miami so I miss the ocean. I will be back and update more often. Especially now that I know a famous author resides in LiveJournal. justbeforesunrise

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May 14th, 2012

01:35 pm - Got Lost in Facebook
Facebook is soooo addictive and just not fun anymore. Trying to get off of there. And I just discovered when my desktop computer died that I need to copy my story off of here as I don't have it saved on my laptop yet.

Update. We are settled in our new house in Franklin, N.C. Most of my friends on here are also
my friends on Facebook. So, for you this will be a repeat. Originally we had planned to only
live here in the summer. But then we got well problems. So we had to stay around all winter. That is how long it took the county school system to fix what they blew up. We have a huge elementary school next to us which was just built. Plans are for it to open this Fall. Actually in August I think.

I am sitting our there typing this in our conservatory (for my England friends) or in my sunroom or Florida room for my U.S. friends. Oh boy. The rain has started again. It has been raining for two days straight. And I mean constantly. Rained all day yesterday and so far only took a break today for about two hours. My new puppy (yes we have a new puppy) was throwing up today because she chewed up and ate half of a tennis ball. So I am staying out here with her where we have tile floor that can be cleaned.

The spring here in Franklin was absolutely beautiful. Our mountain view is different every morning. I wish we had a view of the sunset over the mountains but that is blocked by the new school. Since I last wrote, the airport behind us has had one fatal crash. We are so close to the Franklin, N.C. airport that we can see them landing. It is not approved for commercial jets yet. Only small lear jets.

We got all our furniture. We also now have chickens and a chicken coop. Which is a bit restricting if we want to pick up and travel. What was I thinking. So, we are here, in North Carolina. But our children are in Georgia and Florida. I miss them very very much. Maybe I should have looked for a place on the ocean closer to my kids. Happy Belated Mother's Day to all mothers. I wish I still had mine.

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October 14th, 2011

12:34 pm - Packing Packing Packing
We are temporarily back in our Florida mobile home and packing up everything we want to keep. And having a huge yard/garage sale on Saturday. I had to go through all my collections. The dolls, artwork, stuffed beanie babies. And put up for sale what I just cannot take with
me. Packrats like my husband and I have so much trouble parting with things. But I am determined this will be a true paring down and cleaning out. It is costing us over 2,000 dollars just to move the little bit we have left here as we bought three rooms of new furniture up in North Carolina. So, we must get rid of all non essentials. And we have a lot of that. And our dog Tiny goes running around trying to snag some
beanie babies for his lair. Yes, he has a lair. Like a lion. And woe to those who try and remove items from it. Dachshunds can act very vicious if you try and take something away from them.

Since I last posted. The school which is being built next door to us in Franklin North Carolina has blown our well right out of the ground. Yes, we heard a loud explosion and went outside to see a 100 feet in the air gyser of water going straight up. Also our pump was blown about 200 feet across the property and all the piping ruined. Also the brand new pressure tank is ruined. The county came to our house, the health dept. and all the well drillers. They were drilling 100 geo thermal wells over at the school (which is being built next to our house) and their drill rig
managed to be in the same vein of water our well was in. And I guess what happened is that their drill rigs being for geo thermal are much
stronger than a regular drill. and the pressure just blew our well pump out of the hole. Now we are hooked up to the schools well water
temporarily. They say they will drill us a complete new well when they have moved out of our water area. Friends say we should get a lawyer and sue them. But, you can't really sue the county or school board. You would use up tons of money and it would take years. So, as long as they fix what they broke. We are fine with it. But it does make for stressful living. Also they have had to shock the well water with chlorine which is awful. Due to when they ran lines to our house, bacteria got in the pipes. As long as they fix things. That is all we care about. As I try and update this my husband keeps bringing me things to either pack or put a price on for the garage sale. He is slowly driving me crazy. Gotta go. So much more to pack. I am never moving again. Attaching a photo of me at a high school mini reunion in Franklin N.C. at Fat Buddies Barbeque restaurant.

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August 10th, 2011

03:48 pm - Warning to Home Buyers of Short Sales.
If you fall so madly in love with a home in the mountains and it's view that you are struck deaf and dumb. Get someone else to knock some sense into you. And especially if the home is a short sale to the bank and about to go into foreclosure. Because you will need a much more thorough inspection since lots of things might not be disclosed to the real estate company or the bank. Like, the well was going dry in 2007 and they did nothing about it.

Sigh..... I love this house. But I think I should have investigated things more. I guess if needing a new well dug is the worst that can happen we will live through it. We'll be totally broke and living on peanut butter and jelly but we'll have that mountain view. lol.

We moved into our mountain dream home two weeks ago. We went ahead and had workers start what changed needed to be done. Mainly putting up a wall to turn the huge formal dining room back into a bedroom. It seems the former owners had turned the second bedroom into a formal dining room. Well, we have a huge kitchen big enough for any size dining set and hutch you could imagine. Why would we want a formal dining room too? And we need a spare bedroom so our kids can come visit. So, we have had workmen putting up a wall (that used to be there) to close off the living room from the former dining room.
And we have them putting down wooden flooring in master bedroom (the entire house is beautiful wood flooring so why in the world would they want to ruin that with this yucky stained carpeting. ( I had hoped she had wood floors under the carpeting but no such luck.) So, as soon as these renovations get done I am taking a break. We can get the kitchen floor refinished another time. I want this noise and banging to stop. I feel like a prisoner in my own beautiful home.

So, the owner was about to go into foreclosure. She took (maybe sold) the refrigerator, the stove, the washer and dryers, this neat little victorian gas heater on sunroom, an antique makeup table out of the master bath (which was part of the bathroom and now we have a big hole.) Heck I am surprised she did not rip out the garden bath tub. Which I can't fill right now because she forgot to tell us that her well was going dry. Now I was feeling very sympathetic for this previous owner because the story we were told was she went broke paying for her breast cancer treatment. I met her at the closing and she was still undergoing chemo therapy. But he husband was an ENT doctor and she was a nurse practicioner. Shouldn't they have had great medical insurance. I mean, I had expensive cancer treatment and I think all we paid for out of pocket was 5,000 for the radiation part which was not covered. It is insane in this country that even with insurance that can cost 1,000 a month you still have to pay so much money if you need cancer treatment. I think the cost of treating cancer has gone insane over here and is a multi million dollar business. Don't even get me started on that. So.... she knew her well had problems in 2007. She had the well guy out who had installed it 10 years before and he said it was low water. The fix for that. Dig the well deeper. Which she did not do. So, we just bought her problem for 140,000 dollars. Wells, can cost up to 20,000 dollars up here in the mountains. Its not like Florida with the aquifer to tap in to. They even use dowser people up here, can you believe that!!? So, I am exhausted. But I know one thing. I love the mountain view. But I really bought this place because of her husband the doctor and his love of gardening. So, If I can't continue his love by watering his tree's and plants. It is like a paradise of botanical things. Then I might as well dump the place. So we will be paying whatever we have to in order to have all the water we need for this yard and whatever I add to it. Amen. ps, I guess it wouldn't be proper to try and sue a woman fighting breast cancer? Plus she has no money. Supposedly.

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June 15th, 2011

11:37 am - Finding a house in the mountains
Let's see. It was February when I last updated. Let me tell you that Facebook and my other blog and Flickr have just about taken over my life. I am thinking about when we get our house in the North Carolina mountains, that I might just dis-connect from online life totally. Once I get my baby chicks up and laying eggs. And start weeding my two acres. There won't be much time for laptop addiction. And I am just about burnt out from Facebook. I hate it. And I hate that my retired husband is now addicted to it. He who used to tell me I was addicted to the internet. Is not, "addicted to the internet". On the health update. I just had my two year checkup with my radiologist and he said, " I think, since it has been two years, you are out of the woods." Whatever that means. So, I just try to live each day to the fullest that I am granted and try to forget about that year of my life. Right now we are in Franklin North Carolina. And I have found the second home I would like to own. The first house was in Murphy North Carolina. It was a 1935 historical farmhouse. But my dear, sweet, husband was dragging his feet, saying, lets look at everything there is to see first. And then when he went to put an offer on my beloved farmhouse, it already had a contract on it. I can't tell you how much I cried, and did not talk to him for one entire evening. So, here we are in the mountains of Franklin and I have found, if not an old farmhouse. A house with a view that I could love for the rest of my life. And a house that my kids might like to inherit. What they said about the old farmhouse was not nice. Things, like, are you crazy, insane. They were not fond of the 1935 farmhouse. So, my husband has agreed to make an offer on this house right away. (learned his lesson, didn't he) I will post a few pictures of it. I can have chickens. Not posting much. Don't want to jinx it. Not posting outside. Don't want someone to figure out where it is and steel it. Later. Our dog Tiny is doing so well traveling. I think he is part gypsy.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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February 17th, 2011

02:08 pm - Dragged screaming and kicking out of Facebook
Long time no post. Honestly... I am blaming it all on Mark Sukerberg. Or Suckerberg... or Sookerberg. It's all his fault. Go watch Social Network. I think Mark has aspbergers. And he is a billionaire. But he sold out his best friend if you can believe the movie about him. He does seem to lack social skills, and common sense. Like, don't open your house up to a bunch of potheads.

At this point in time. I am trying to unhook from Farmville on Facebook. I am trying to go back to artwork, and crocheting, photography. And finding a farm to live in up in North Carolina. Facebook is a total time warp. Waste of internet time. I hate it. But.... I am addicted.

I do want to see that new movie I am Number 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mITOWAljv7o

But I actually love the clip with Adele's Rolling in Thunder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRhK0yn9k-I

Has anyone read I am number Four? I am thinking about getting them all. The story line sounds good. http://www.amazon.com/Power-Six-Pittacus-Lore/dp/0061974552/ref=pd_sim_b_1

The second book comes out in August 20011
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October 6th, 2010

09:47 am - Kathy Griffin's Message on Bullying
Kathy Griffin's Message on Bullying

Hi Guys. I have been so much on Facebook that I forget about my livejournal. I will try to do better. I never was a bully. In fact in high school I was shy and I went out of my way to friend kids who were bullied. I remember well a girl who came from a poor family and often came to school with unwashed clothes. The girls in a this group would pick on her and send her little notes saying, "you stink, get some deodorent." I made her my friend and told her to ignore them. That they were nothing. The great thing about being a loner as I was. You never had to follow the crowd. You made your own rules and you slept better at night.
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